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Alternatives to Invisalign

Many of our clients find Invisalign to be a great alternative to traditional bracket braces. They’re very discrete and comfortable, and they can even be removed as needed.

Unfortunately, they might not work for everyone.  It ultimately depends on your dental situation and lifestyle.

They may work for early teens, but you’ll have to consult your orthodontist and see if the time is right.

Whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign or not, there’s good news.

There are still discrete braces options available.

Invisalign Alternatives

The stereotypical image of braces features metal brackets attached to each tooth, held in place by a metal archwire. While this archwire that goes around the brackets is typically metal for support and flexibility, the brackets themselves can be made of clear ceramic.

Combined with clear bands to hold them to the archwire, your braces go virtually unnoticed. This is a very popular and affordable alternative to Invisalign.

Damon Clear Brackets

Damon braces are known to correct the position of teeth faster and more efficiently than traditional braces.  With Damon Clear, you get the superior comfort and alignment speed combined with the subtlety of clear brackets.  Additionally, the archwire is held in place by the bracket and does not require elastic bands.  Thus, making Damon a remarkable clear alternative.

Find Out What’s Best for You

The best way to learn about your options, whether you’re looking for Invisalign or more traditional braces, is to visit an orthodontist. At Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, your initial consultation is free. If you’re looking for Prior Lake or Lakeville orthodontics, you won’t find a more caring, comforting, and professional team.

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