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The Best Time For A Straighter Smile

If you are someone who isn’t completely satisfied with your smile or feel like you want your teeth to be straighter, you have probably considered visiting an orthodontist.

For many, however, they feel if they didn’t have braces or orthodontic treatment when they were young, they have missed the boat.

Why do so many people get braces when they are young?

It is true that the recommended age for an orthodontic screening is around the age of seven. There are a few reasons for this age being a good time to evaluate your orthodontic needs.

It is around the age of seven children lose their baby teeth and start to get their adult teeth, which give dentists and orthodontists the first glimpse of how their teeth will be positioned as they continue to grow and mature. This is a good time to address issues that could arise such as crowding and spacing.

If you get orthodontic treatment at a younger age, your bones and jaw are still growing and developing. In many cases treatment can go quicker while taking advantage of growth spurts and can even be less painful.

Is it too late for me?

If you are well beyond the age of seven or past your teen years, the good news is, it’s still not too late for you! Orthodontic treatments can be done at any age!

Orthodontic treatment varies from person to person but Cosmopolitan Orthodontics would love to consult with you on the best treatment for you at any age.

One of the biggest obstacles for those seeking orthodontic treatment past their teen years is that they don’t want their treatment to be obvious.

This is why we are happy to offer Invisalign in the Prior Lake area to help remove any barrier you may have to achieving a straighter smile. Invisalign is a series of clear trays that will gradually straighten your smile and is nearly invisible to everyone around you.

Invisalign can be a great option for everyone, but especially for those seeking treatment later in life. It’s never too late for you to have a confident straighter smile!