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Braces and the Holidays

There are certain times that are less ideal to have braces or clear aligners.

School pictures, prom, weddings, and the holidays.

For the first three, it’s mostly because of the pictures. For the latter, there may be pictures involved, but the biggest hassle tends to be the food. The holidays are filled with excessive amounts of the best foods.

Unfortunately, the best foods aren’t always the healthiest. And for those with braces, they’re not always mouth friendly either. With that in mind, we’ve put together some advice for eating during the holidays.

Watch Out for Candy

If your family does stockings, you’ll likely be encountering some candy. Obviously candy as a whole isn’t very good for anyone’s teeth. For braces, however, there are some particular candies you should stay away from. Specifically, hard candy and chewy candy.

Unsurprisingly, hard candy is hard on your teeth and braces and could even cause broken brackets. That means no candy canes. Though, let’s be honest, candy canes are a little overrated anyway.

As for chewy candy, it’s likely to get stuck in and around your braces, which is no good.

Veggie Platters

If there’s a holiday get-together, there’s going to be platters. What’s a Christmas party without cheese platters and veggie platters. While you should be fine with the cheese, those hard veggies should be cut into small bite sizes pieces or stick with the cooked variety.

Just Say No to Nuts

Leave the chestnuts roasting over the open fire. Nuts as a whole are no good for braces. Yes, that includes peanuts, despite the fact that they’re not actually nuts.

Don’t worry though, there’s good news!

The Main Courses are Mostly Okay

When the family sits down for the main meal, braces are less of a problem. Turkey, chicken, potatoes, gravy, and cooked vegetables are all good to go. You can even sneak some deserts in, since they tend to be soft. However, don’t overdo it. You can still get cavities, after all.

For Those with Invisalign

Invisalign offers some serious flexibility in the eating department since they can be removed. However, it’s important that you don’t leave them out for too long. Also, before you put them back on, make sure you clean your teeth first.

As an added bonus, having your clear aligners on should prevent you from continuously snacking through any gettogethers.

Don’t Worry, There will be Plenty of Holidays to Come

While it can be discouraging not being able to enjoy all of the foods in front of you, it’s important to remember this won’t be your last holiday season. And when your first Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukah/etc. comes around where you’re not wearing braces or aligners anymore, you’ll be all the more appreciative.

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