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Braces Success Stories: What It’s Like to Have Braces as a 41-Year-Old Male

Braces carry a lot of stereotypes and assumptions. As orthodontists, we encounter them all the time. People say things like:

  • Braces are only for kids.
  • Grown men definitely don’t wear braces.
  • Braces are too expensive.
  • Braces are very uncomfortable/painful.
  • All braces are the same.

Sadly, these myths keep people who would greatly benefit from braces from getting them. So, we thought we’d share what it’s actually like to have braces.

This is Nate’s Story

Nate is a 41-year-old teacher and a proud Cosmopolitan Orthodontics customer. He came to us after considering braces for about a year.

“The dentist told me that I would need restorative work down the road, and I was starting to need crowns.  They indicated that braces would prevent the restorative work, which was more expensive than orthodontic treatment. [I decided] I would rather have a nice straight smile through an orthodontist than restorative work.”

After a consultation with Dr. Bonvino, Nate decided on Damon Braces.

“Although Invisalign would have been an option, Dr. Bonvino and I decided braces would be the best course of treatment to give me a nice, wide smile.  I have a very narrow mouth with small teeth and wasn’t fortunate enough to have treatment as a child.  I would have been a great candidate for early treatment as a child but didn’t receive it.  Dr. Bonvino and I decided that Damon braces would give me the result that I was looking for.”

Though Nate was committed to getting braces, he did have some concerns.

“I was afraid that everyone would notice that I had braces as an adult.”

But ultimately, he knew that the long-term gain would be worth any short-term discomfort. With his braces chosen, we were able to map out an alignment plan and apply his braces. Though not painful, they did take some getting used to.

 “My mouth was a little sore, like going back to the gym after taking a break for a bit.”

The discomfort, however, quickly passed.

“It really didn’t seem like a big deal after the first week or two.  After a few weeks, I didn’t even notice I had them.”

But the most surprising part wasn’t how quickly he got used to them. It was how everyone else reacted to them.

“It’s amazing how many adults have braces these days!  My students loved that I had braces along with them.  We celebrated when students got braces off with popcorn.” 

Nate had braces for just over two years. Though he had practically forgotten they were there, he definitely noticed the difference once they were gone.

“It was amazing!  I loved that everyone celebrated with me, even though I was an adult.  It was a huge confidence booster.”

He does have one regret, however. He wishes he would have gotten braces sooner.

“It is too bad that it took preventing restorative work.  I wish I had done it just to improve my smile and confidence.”

Today, he finds himself smiling more than ever, which in turn causes the people around him to see his beautifully aligned teeth. To those on the fence about whether or not they should get braces, he has one final piece of advice:

“Don’t hesitate to check into it.  It is worth it; you are worth it!”

This is the true story of braces. A healthier, happier mouth and a confident smile to match. Start the beginning of your own braces story today. For Twin Cities ortho care, contact Cosmopolitan Orthodontics and schedule a free consultation.