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Do Teeth Heal?

If you get a cut, you bandage it and your skin heals. Break a bone, and you’ll wear a cast until the bone mends.

But when you have a tooth that’s infected or cracked, can it heal itself? Or do you to have it filled or removed?

Chances are, you’ll need a professional, and here is why:

Teeth are Different

Unlike bones or skin, which are made of cells, teeth, particularly the exterior, are largely made up of minerals. Unfortunately, it’s your body’s cells that handle the healing process. While teeth do have cells and proteins down deeper, and they have some ability to heal, it’s very limited.

If your enamel has been damaged, you may be able to restore it with preventative care. But once decay gets past the outside layer to the dentin beneath, you’ll need professional help to fix your teeth. Yes, that means drilling of some sort.

Why Does This Happen?

While blunt force trauma can cause tooth problems, the majority of decay and infection ties back to sugar and acidic foods. These eat away at the tooth’s external protection, and once it goes too far, the tooth can’t recover.

That’s why teeth problems are mostly unique to people. Animals don’t consume much in the way of sugar or acidic foods, and so, there teeth are fine unless they break them.

Then there are sharks who actually regrow entire sets of teeth. These new sets replace the old sets, much like an assembly line of teeth.

It’s equally fascinating and terrifying.

Will They Straighten on their own?

If your teeth are misaligned, can they naturally realign themselves? After all, teeth are set in gums, and gums are all cells and proteins.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter. The body doesn’t realize that your teeth are misaligned, and so, they’ll hold firmly in place…even when they’re technically not “in place.”

The Best Way to Care for Your Teeth is With Professional Assistance

If you’re waiting for your teeth to fix themselves, you’ll be waiting a long time. Whether you have tooth pain or alignment problems, if you want them corrected, you’ll need the assistance of a professional. We can help with the latter issue.

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