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Everything You Need to Know About Headgear

We’ve all probably seen a movie or TV show where a group of young adolescents have a sleepover, and there’s the character with braces who suddenly has this big contraption on their head. It’s called headgear, but it looks more like a torture device.

As if people weren’t already hesitant to get braces, these large metal contraptions have been giving braces a bad rep for decades.

If no one in your family has ever had braces, it’s possible you’ve never actually seen headgear. You may wonder if it even exists anymore. Well, we have some news to break.

Yes, Headgear is Still Used

Don’t run away just yet, though! There’s good news. First, headgear is much smaller and subtler than what you’ve likely seen in the movies. Second, not everyone has to wear it. And third, even if you do, you won’t have to wear it all the time.

What Does Headgear Do?

Headgear provides a stronger anchor point so that braces can push particularly misaligned teeth into place. What type of headgear you have and where it’s placed depends on the bite issues you have.

If you have an overbite, you’ll generally wear headgear that goes around the back of your neck. Headgear for an overbite is rarely used anymore.  If you have a significant underbite, the headgear is more like a facemask and is typically worn only at night.

Whatever type you have, the headgear attaches directly to your brackets, and can be put on and removed as needed.

Some only need to wear headgear while they sleep. Others might have to put it on a little earlier in the evening. Either way, as long as you follow the instructions of your orthodontist, the headgear will do its job, and you’ll start seeing your teeth align in no time!

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