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Flossing with Braces

When it comes to proper teeth care, flossing often gets skipped over. It’s not the most pleasant process, and done incorrectly, you may end up with bleeding gums. You may assume that brushing and using mouthwash are enough to keep your teeth clean.

While they do a great job at that, flossing is still an important part of dental health.

There are certain spaces that toothbrushes simply can’t reach. Mouthwash can get everywhere, but it’s not always strong enough. That’s where flossing comes in.

Dental floss is able to remove build up, preventing gingivitis, plaque, and decay. It also helps keep your gums strong and healthy. By skipping out on flossing, you increase your chances of cavities and gum disease.

For those with braces, flossing might seem a little tricky. It’s still possible though.

And it’s still important.

How to Floss with Braces

With braces, it’s difficult to floss your teeth the old-fashioned way. The archwire won’t let you go up all the way. To get around it, you essentially have to thread the floss like you would with a needle. This can get a little frustrating.

Luckily, there’s a tool called an orthodontic floss threader that can take care of the job for you. A floss threader is a simple hooped device that allows you to easily pull strands of floss through your archwire.

It’s quick, convenient, and very affordable. We highly recommend them to customers struggling to floss around their braces. We also suggest using waxed floss with your floss threader. Non-waxed floss can get caught in braces, leaving pieces stuck in your teeth.

Another alternative is a water flosser. This is a device shoots a concentrated stream of water out of a precision tip. By pointing it directly at the spaces between your teeth, you can wash away buildup. While anyone can use a water flosser, they’re particularly effective for people with braces.

Don’t Have Braces Yet?

If you’re on the fence about braces, afraid that they’ll greatly inconvenience your life, don’t be! Getting braces is simple and pain-free. After the first week or two, you’ll forget they’re even there. And once you have them removed, you’ll be left wondering why you ever doubted having them.

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