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Giving the Gift of Braces

Not sure what to get your child for Christmas? What about perfectly aligned teeth?

By that, of course, we mean braces or Invisalign.

If your child is in need of alignment, now is the perfect time to see an orthodontist. Of course, it doesn’t have to be for a child. Braces and especially Invisalign are very common among adults. If your special someone has talked about wanting straighter teeth, why not surprise them with a scheduled consultation?

Tis the Season for Teeth Alignment

As we said before, now the best time to see an orthodontist. Why? Because the holiday season will soon be over, and you won’t have to worry about braces affecting it. The month of January tends to be uneventful, making it the perfect time to adjust braces or Invisalign. Now, since braces are typically worn for 20 months, you will have them come next Christmas.

But if all goes well, they’ll be off again for the following Christmas, and you’ll have some beautiful teeth to show off to everyone.

It’s More Than Cosmetic

Poorly aligned teeth can have a lot of negative effects on a person including grinding, speech problems, bad breath, lack of confidence, and more. Braces can correct these issues, leaving a person confident and smiling.

That’s what you get with braces.

If that’s not a great Christmas gift, we don’t know what is.

Flexible Spending

Do you have a flexible spending account?  If you do, you may want to check the balance.  Often times flexible spending accounts have a use it or lose it policy.  This means that you will need to use all of the funds before December 31st or the money you contributed will be lost.  Braces or Invisalign might be the perfect option for your flexible spending.

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Whether you’re getting braces for someone else, or you’re treating yourself, now is the time to schedule a consultation. If you’re looking for Burnsville orthodontics, we have two convenient locations for you that you can get to in minutes!

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