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Going to the Dentist When You Have Braces

We’ve talked in great length about the benefits of braces and Invisalign. They can improve alignment, reduce teeth grinding, help with bad breath, and leave you smiling more. As great as they are, they don’t solve all of your mouth’s problems.

Perfectly aligned teeth can still suffer from cavities, plaque build-up, gum disease, and more.

That’s what dentists are for, and that’s why you need to visit them regularly. Even while you have braces. What’s it like to go to the dentist when you have braces?

Allow us to tell you.

Dental Visits with Braces

Braces or no braces, you should be visiting the dentist at least once a year. If it’s been longer than that, don’t let the elapsed time period keep you from going. The longer you wait, you more likely you are to have cavities and other dental problems.

When you have braces, it’s as important as ever to visit your dentist. Though you will be having regular appointments with your orthodontist, this is not enough. The orthodontist will check to see how the alignment is coming along and make adjustments to your braces if needed.

The dentist will perform teeth cleaning and check for further dental issues. Since braces add more areas where food can get stuck and build up can happen, a dental cleaning is very important.

As for the dental visit itself, things will unfold the same as they do without braces. Assuming you’ve been to the dentist before (which hopefully you have), you should be familiar with the drill routine. The appointment may take a little longer than normal as your dentist works around your braces.

And should they recommend further dental work, you may not have to wait until your braces are off.

Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.

Don’t Have Braces Yet?

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