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Help Your Child Overcome Orthodontist Fears

The thought of the orthodontist can be scary for some children. They can associate the orthodontist with pain and anxiety of the unfamiliarity of the experience. As parents, you know there is nothing to worry about, and good oral hygiene is essential to their health. If your child is a little nervous about coming to the orthodontist, here a few tips we recommend.

Keep it Positive

Kids follow your lead, so if you’re not positive, they’ll be anxious. We recommend avoiding words like shot, hurt, or pain when talking about the visit. This can bring unnecessary apprehension about the coming visit. Instead, talk about the goal, which is strong, healthy teeth. Every kid wants strong teeth so focus on this more than the pain it may take to get there.

Avoid Traumatizing Stories

This coincides with the point of positivity, but sharing your “war stories” of braces can make the situation worse for a nervous little one. Maybe save that story for later. Instead, share the story of how the orthodontist perfected your smile or fixed a problem you were having that they have. Remember, orthodontics have changed over the years and you may be pleasantly surprised how different it is now.

Role Play at Home

If it’s their first time going to the orthodontist, they’re walking into an unfamiliar environment which may be playing into their fears. Role-playing their visit at home can be an excellent experience for them to feel more comfortable. Pretend to be the orthodontist and have them sit in a chair and lean back so they can get used to the situation. We also recommend bringing something familiar to the visit like a toy or blanket to give them something they are comfortable with.  You may also use the internet to search YouTube stories for positive experiences.

We’ll Take It from the Visit

When you and your child walk into Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, your child will be greeted with a friendly face. We strive to treat each patient uniquely, and we’ll make sure your little one is well taken care of and comfortable. If you’re looking for a Lakeville orthodontist, give us a call today to schedule a complimentary exam!