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Peg Laterals and Braces

While orthodontic treatments are able to correct a variety of alignment and spacing issues in teeth, some situations require a more collaborative approach.

Recently, we’ve seen many patients dealing with small or underdeveloped teeth. Sometimes, a patient may have a baby tooth that never fell out. Other times, they have what’s known as a peg lateral. A peg lateral is disproportionately small incisor that’s often has a pointed shape.

They grow in on one or both sides of the front teeth, making them very noticeable. Peg laterals can happen for a number of reasons. They’re also hereditary, so if you have them, there’s a good chance your children will as well.

While standard braces can reduce the space between a peg lateral and the surrounding teeth, the tooth still retains its small stature and unique shape.

For this reason, It’s best to correct the tooth shape with your dentist while receiving orthodontic assistance.

A Custom Solution for Peg Laterals

At Cosmopolitan Orthodontist, we believe in creating customized treatment plans to take care of our patients’ specific needs.

In the case of underdeveloped teeth and peg laterals, we work with local dentists to ensure our patients achieve the best smile possible. For small teeth, the best solution is typically veneers, crowns, or caps.

This will restore the tooth to proper shape and size.  Braces or Invisalign will create the proper spacing, often with temporary build-up, until permanent restorative work is complete.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for Lakeville or Prior Lakes orthodontics, and we can discuss the best option for you. Peg laterals and undeveloped teeth don’t have to be a permanent fixture in your smile.