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Scheduling Summer Orthodontist Appointments

School is finally out and Summer has arrived! This is always an especially big moment in Minnesota. Summer is not only a time where school is out and your kids are home, but it is the few months of the year where we get sunshine, warm temperatures, and can take advantage of our 10,000 lakes.

But watch out.

Summer break for the kids can be deceiving. You look forward to it being just that, “a break” and next thing you know you are busier than ever, with sports camps, family vacations, trips to the pool or lake. The calendar can fill up fast!

So while it may seem like a time where you will easily be able to fit in all your appointments, you know that is easier said than done!

Here are a few tips to stay on top of your summer schedule and to keep your important appointments a priority.

Have a calendar for the whole family

Create a calendar for the summer and place in your home where you know everyone will be able to see it. Make sure to write any engagements you already know of and add new ones as they come up.

Give everyone permission to add whatever they plan, that way the whole family will be on the same page when it comes to time commitments.

If you are a digital family, make sure that all of your calendars are linked together. Empower children to add their own appointments to their phone calendar. If they can operate a smartphone, they can help manage the schedule too.

Schedule things together

If you have a lot of members in your family or even just a few, you can get spread thin pretty quickly if everyone is doing their own thing. Find and plan things your family can do or enjoy together. Send your kids to the same camp or have them in activities on the same day. This could prevent you from spending your whole summer as chauffeur.

Schedule time to rest

It may seem unnecessary, but if you are not intentional about taking time to relax it could never happen. Summer break really should be a break for everyone! Take time to hangout as a family and get some much needed R&R after a long school year.

Schedule your appointments in advance

If you are looking for a Shakopee orthodontist, summer is a great time to your appointments! At Cosmopolitan Orthodontics we are happy to work with your schedule.

We know how busy summer can get. We are willing to schedule appointments in advance so that you can have them on your calendar, helping you keep your dental health a priority and stay on top of your busy summer schedule!