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Tips and Tricks for Smiling

For some, smiling comes easy. They can flash that picture-perfect smile on command at any moment. For others, it can be a struggle. What you thought was a nice-looking smile turns out to be more of a snarl.  And in this social media “selfie” world, a beautiful smile is even more important.

The good news is, there is hope. After all, not every actor, reporter, model, or pageant person came out of the womb smiling. They learned how to do it. That means you can too.

Here are some simple tricks for smiling better and more often.


A smile isn’t something you should overthink. If you’re trying too hard to smile, it will be apparent that you’re trying too hard to smile. You will look uncomfortable. Your face will be tense. This is when you get into snarl territory.

A forced smile may feel a little unnatural, but it shouldn’t feel painful to your face either. Breath. Let your face relax. And then slowly bring it to a comfortable smiling position.

Think Happy Thoughts

The best smiles come from natural moments of joy. In moments where you’re struggling to smile, think of something happy or better yet, hilarious. If you can make yourself laugh just a little bit, the smile will come out naturally.

Control your mind and the body will do the rest of the work from there.

Keep Straight

Both slouching and keeping your head too far back can distort your smile, putting your face at an unnatural angle. Try to keep your neck and back straight when smiling. You’ll end up with a much better result.


It may sound strange to practice something like a smile, but the only way to know how your face is looking is to actually see it. When you’re at home by yourself, take a moment in front of the mirror or your phone to practice your smile.

Get a feel for what position your face should be in. You’ll probably need to do this a few times. Eventually though, it will start to feel more natural.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Nothing ruins a quality smile like something in your teeth. Or stained teeth. To improve your smile, make sure your teeth are clean and bright. Brush and floss regularly, use mouth wash, and if necessary, utilize some teeth whitener.

You’ll be surprised at the difference whiter teeth can make.

Improve Your Alignment

Teeth alignment can have a serious impact on how people feel about their smile. Whether you suffer from gaps, an overbite, an underbite, or general misalignment, you may try to keep your teeth hidden when you smile.

By doing so, you’re preventing your best smile from coming out.

The only way to fix teeth alignment is with professional assistance. No matter what age you are, braces and Invisalign can help to put your teeth in their proper place, giving you the confidence to show your smile to everyone.

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