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TMJ, TMD, and Braces

Are you experiencing unexplained pain and tenderness around your jaw? Does it get worse when you open and close your mouth? You might be having problems with your TMJ.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint (we know, it’s a mouthful). These are located on both sides of your head where you jaw meets your skull. They are the joints that move when you speak, chew, yawn,, etc.

When you have problems with your TMJ, it’s known as a TMJ disorder (or TMD).

TMD isn’t the same for everyone, but you’ll likely experience pain in these joints, uncomfortable chewing, stiff jaw, or earaches if you have it.

What Causes TMD?

The exact cause of TMJ problems is a bit of a mystery. However, it often stems from the cartilage in the joint slipping out. This could happen due to injury or impact, a dislocated jaw, teeth alignment, grinding, arthritis, or excessive stress.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, it’s suggested you visit a dentist. It could be TMD, cavities, or something different altogether.

A dentist typically diagnoses TMD through a variety of tests and possible x-rays. From there, they will prescribe treatment options.

Can Braces Help with TMD?

While the cause and effects of TMD can be different from person to person, braces can help greatly with certain instances of TMD. If your TMD stems from alignment, bite issues, or excessive grinding, braces can realign your teeth, preventing excess stress and pressure on your jaw joints.

This can reduce, if not completely eliminate your TMD.

If you’ve been diagnosed with TMD, ask your dentist if braces may help. Even if they can’t completely alleviate your TMD, they can assistance in reducing mouth irritation while improving your bite, smile, and overall confidence.

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