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Why Everyone Should Visit an Orthodontist

It’s common knowledge that everyone should see the dentist regularly. That doesn’t mean everyone does. But everyone knows. From childhood all the way to adulthood, dental visits are important to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth free of cavities.

The orthodontist, however, is a bit more mysterious. When do you go to an orthodontist? Do you need to go to an orthodontist at all?

Unless your dentist specifically recommends you or your child to an orthodontist, you may assume there’s no reason to ever see one.

However, you don’t need a dentist recommendation to see an orthodontist. In fact, we think just about everyone can benefit from a trip to the orthodontist.

Benefits of Visiting the Orthodontist

An orthodontist looks at your teeth a little differently than a dentist does.

Instead of looking for cavities or decay, they focus on alignment and how that may be impacting your mouth. Misalignment not only affects appearance and confidence, but it also can cause teeth grinding, bad breath, additional wear on your teeth, speech impediments, and overall mouth discomfort.

Sitting down with an orthodontist, you can learn the options available to you and how braces or aligners may improve your quality of life.

When to Visit the Orthodontist

Ideally, everyone would visit the orthodontist as a child. Once adult teeth begin to come in (between 6-8), an orthodontist can form an idea of how the mouth is shaping up, and what problems may arise in the future.

That said, it’s never too late to visit the orthodontist. Whether you’re 13 or 30, a visit to the orthodontist can be very beneficial. At Cosmopolitan Orthodontist, your initial consultation is free, so you really have nothing to lose.

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