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Winter Teeth Tips – How Temperature Affects Your Mouth

If you’ve been outside the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed it’s gotten cold. Well, we have bad news for you:

It’s only going to get colder.

Now, winter isn’t all bad. There’s the holidays, ice skating, the beauty of glistening snow under the moonlight.

But no one enjoys the below freezing temperatures. The winter cold leaves you feeling brittle and uncomfortable. Your skin is dry, your body is stiff and achy, and for many, your teeth feel irritated.

You may wonder why that is. Of all things, why do your teeth become extra sensitive in the winter? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Does the Winter Make Your Teeth Hurt?

To be honest, teeth can be a little sensitive in general. While they’re covered with strong enamel, underneath, there’s a lot of nerves going around. Drink something really cold, and you’ll feel it through your teeth. The same goes for drinking something hot.

And if you switch directly from something hot to something cold, well, it’s not pleasant.

When you’re breathing in the cold air, it’s no different. Actually, the air gets colder than a cold beverage does, which is why that winter wind feels like it cuts right through your enamel.

Whether you generally have sensitive teeth or not, consider trying toothpaste or mouthwash for sensitive teeth. It may help reduce agitation.

It’s also good to keep your mouth covered while outside. A scarf or ski-mask will not only keep your body warmer, but they will fight against teeth sensitivity.

The cold isn’t the only reason your teeth fight be feeling sensitive in the winter, though.

The lead in to winter is Halloween, which is filled with candy that you’ll likely be eating over the course of the next month. Then you have Thanksgiving and Christmas with deserts, candy, sugary beverages, etc.

We’re not saying you have to skip out on all of that (we don’t plan to ourselves). Just use control and moderation. Make sure you’re brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

And if you have braces, make sure you’re not eating food or candy you’re not supposed to be having.

Winter and Braces

Winter can be a great time to start your journey with braces. While summer is a time of taking trips and going out and about, winter involves a lot of staying in at home. The cold might add a little sensitivity to your teeth, but they won’t affect your braces.

If you’re thinking about getting braces, now is the time to start. For orthodontics in the Burnsville area, we have offices conveniently located in Lakeville and Prior Lake. Contact us today to book a consultation.