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Children’s Interceptive Orthodontics

We love working with our younger patients at Cosmopolitan Orthodontics. It has become more common for younger children to see an orthodontist in recent years than ever before.

Did you know that it is suggested your child see an orthodontist for their first screening by the age of seven?

That may come as a surprise to you as most seven year olds still have many baby teeth and a lot more developing to do. This is actually one of the reasons why it’s a great time for them to come in for their first consultation.

Technology in the area of Interceptive Orthodontics continues to advance, making it easier and more comfortable for us to treat our Kids Club patients with great success!

What is interceptive orthodontics?

In the past, parents have generally been told to wait until their children’s baby teeth have fallen out before bringing them to an orthodontist. However, crowding and malocclusion can start to happen before that. Interceptive Orthodontics allows these issues to be addressed as soon as they begin.

Interceptive Orthodontics is used to address developmental occlusion problems. Interceptive Orthodontics usually includes arch expanders and partial braces. These are great options to address expansion and alignment while your child is still young and aide in the development of your child’s mouth for the future. Both treatments have been successful for years in getting children on their way to straight smiles.

A new option in interceptive orthodontics

We are excited to announce, however, a new option, Invisalign First. We will now be offering Invisalign First for younger children who still have a mix of primary and permanent teeth.

As we recognize that each family and child we work with has different needs, we have expanded our options to reflect this. Invisalign First uses the same clear, removable, aligners as traditional Invisalign, with key modifications that make it successful for our younger patients as well.

Our Cosmo Ortho Kids Club is always open for new families to join! We want to help you feel comfortable with your child’s orthodontic treatment, whether that be expanders, braces, or Invisalign near Farmington.

We may be the experts in orthodontic technology but we know you are the expert in your child’s needs. We can’t wait to work with you to get your child on the road to a straight, bright smile and bright future!