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Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Child to The Orthodontist

Taking your child to the orthodontist is a big milestone in their life. As they grow older, start to go to school, lose baby teeth, and mature both emotionally and physically, you may start to notice changes in their teeth or smile. Your children will also start noticing their teeth and how they compare to friends around them.

Getting into the orthodontist early will help you get a jump start on early treatment options and get your child well on their way to their best possible smile!

When to visit an orthodontist

One of the most frequently asked questions in an orthodontic office is when the right time is to bring your child to an orthodontist. Now, the exact timing varies depending on your child’s individual needs, but it is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics that a child sees an orthodontist around the age of 7.

At this age, your child has probably lost some baby teeth and has permanent teeth erupting. This is a good time for us to evaluate your child’s orthodontic condition.

The initial exam

At the initial exam with your child you will first find out if there is any orthodontic concerns and what possible treatment options there are. You can begin to discuss the timeline of this treatment and when it will be most effective for your child.

At Cosmopolitan Orthodontics your child will be invited to join our kids club! If at your first evaluation it is found that no treatment will be needed, you will continue to receive free follow-up exams until the time comes for treatment to begin!

Scheduling appointments

Once your child begins their treatment, the frequency of appointments will vary from 4 to 10 weeks. We try to schedule appointments at your convenience and work around school hours as much as we can.

Caring for their teeth

We will walk your child through all the details of taking care of their teeth with braces or other orthodontic treatments. We will cover everything from brushing and flossing to what they can and cannot eat.

At Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, near Rosemount, we are experts in treating your children with care. With many years of experience in children’s orthodontics, your child will have their best smile in no time!