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Invisalign at Any Age

When Invisalign came on the market, it drastically changed the way people viewed orthodontics. Adults who would have never considered braces suddenly had a way to improve their smile and confidence.

Invisalign has been the perfect solution for countless adults who want to achieve their best smile without traditional braces.

But Invisalign isn’t just for adults

Braces are very common amongst kids. For many, getting braces is exciting and is right of passage. Braces have delivered excellent results to millions of kids!  But now, many teens are selecting Invisalign Teen over braces.

We also now offer Invisalign First, for kids in phase one orthodontic treatment or kids who still have a mix of both baby and permanent teeth.

Just as Invisalign was the answer to some of the challenges of braces for adults and teens, Invisalign First now offers solutions for many of our younger patients as well.

Comfortable material

Invisalign First clear aligners are virtually invisible and made from a smooth comfortable materiel. This means no expanders, wires or brackets. For many kids, adjusting to the feel of an expander or braces can be a challenge. These comfortable aligners are the perfect solution.

Easy cleaning

Many adults have a hard time brushing and flossing their teeth properly, so how can we expect our kids to do so, especially when we throw in the added obstacle of braces.

With Invisalign First aligners you can simply remove the aligners and brush and floss as normal making it easy for children to do and assuring oral hygiene through the treatment process.

Less restrictions

Just as cleaning is made simpler through Invisalign First, eating is simpler as well. Invisalign aligners should be removed when eating and drinking, meaning there are no food restrictions.

With traditional braces, not following the food restrictions could result in damage or emergency appointments to fix broken brackets. Keep it simple for your kids and yourself with Invisalign First removable aligners.

Cosmo Ortho is excited to be offering both, Invisalign First, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign in Apple Valley, for all our patients. We hope that just as Invisalign has helped countless adults and teens achieve their perfect smile, that Invisalign First will open up a whole new world of possibilities to every family and child that walks through our doors!