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Is Orthodontic Treatment Cosmetic?

Orthodontic treatment has many cosmetic outcomes such as straighter teeth. In fact, many of our patients choose to get treatment for cosmetic reasons. They are unhappy with the way their teeth have grown in or they feel self-conscious of their smile.

We do love when a patient finishes their treatment and walks out of our office feeling like a new person with a straighter, more confident smile! However, there is much more to orthodontics than the cosmetics. Even our patients who come in for cosmetics reasons quickly learn all the additional value orthodontic treatment can bring to their oral health.

Protecting your teeth

Our treatments can protect your teeth in many ways. A misaligned bite can put pressure on your teeth that they are not able to withhold. This can lead to premature wear, chipped or cracked teeth as the pressure is too much for them to bare.

Allowing orthodontic treatment to fix your bite and straighten your teeth will be protecting them from this harm and pressure.

Improved eating

When you have a misaligned bite, it affects the way you eat. Whether you realize it or not, the position of your teeth and jaw can cause you to have to work harder to chew and eat your food. If your teeth don’t align properly your jaw is having adjust to break down your food for you to swallow.

Orthodontic treatment can reduce this stress on your jaw and make eating more enjoyable.

Keeping decay away

Straightening your teeth through orthodontic treatment will set you up for better oral health in the long run. When teeth are crowded and overlapped it can be easier for food debris and bacteria to stay and grow between them. It can also be harder to floss and brush properly, making it the perfect environment for tooth decay.

Straight teeth have less areas for food and bacteria to hide. Flossing and brushing will be a breeze after orthodontic treatment, improving your overall oral health for life!

Orthodontic treatment certainly does have some great cosmetic outcomes. But, we also see many other health benefits for all our patients that set them up for a lifetime of better health.

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