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The Gift of a Straighter Smile

Have you experienced the frustration of wanting to give a heartfelt gift, only to be totally stumped on what that gift is? Or maybe you thought you found the perfect gift for a loved one but the look on their face said otherwise. This Holiday season, we have the answer to finding the best gift that is sure to leave a big smile on anyone’s face!

Braces or Invisalign could be the perfect gift for your spouse or loved one this holiday season.

A gift that will last

There are many gift options out there but nothing quite like this. So many Christmas presents will break, fade, or go out of style before next Christmas even rolls around. The gift of a straighter smile will last a lifetime. Can you imagine? A simple gift from you that will be with them wherever they go!

A gift that is sure to please

Yo won’t have to debate in the electronic isle or clothing section at all this year. A straighter smile is a gift everyone will love. Treat someone who hasn’t taken it upon themselves to visit our offices and see how we can help them have the smile they have always dreamed of.

A gift that will show you care

While clothes and electronics are fun and exciting, what will really excite your loved one is seeing how much you care! Investing in a gift that could potentially boost their confidence and joy as they show off their new smile is so much more heartfelt than a gift card.

This holiday season, think outside the gift box and give the gift of a visit to our Burnsville orthodontics office.

A Gift card may cost you $20. An new iPad is $200 or more. But the gift of a straighter more confident smile? That’s priceless!